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Try Me - Olivia Cunning If you haven’t read an Olivia Cunning book, I urge you to give it a try with this one since it is short and well, maybe not so sweet. Olivia Cunning writes melodious stories about hard rock bands and the real women who love them. This is the first book in a new series called One Night With Sole Regret, a band of five guys who are tattooed, pierced, and have hair a momma might want to cut.

Melanie is not your average rocker…well, she’s not actually a rocker at all. Dragged to a Sole Regret concert by her best friend who’s only goal is to sleep with the lead singer, Shade. When the best friend gets them back stage, Melanie tries to blend into the background after having a heated conversation with Shade to get her friend introduced to him.

“Force” aka Gabe Banner, Sole Regret’s drummer, is tired after the concert, but has to go to the after party or deal with ribbing from his band members. Showering and putting on clothes and baseball cap are all he can manage before grabbing a beer. Instantly he is attracted to Melanie when he sees her.

When the two meet, Melanie thinks he is the most normal person at the party of tattooed men. See she has a fear of tattooed men after having been accosted by some thugs with tattoos when she was younger. A little silly, but it is what it is. By the time she figures out Gabe has tattoos under his shirt and around his mohawked head, she is already attracted to him and gets over his tattoos fast.

Melanie decides she wants to know what it would be like to let loose with a bad boy and the two engage in a lust filled night of passion. But Gabe has some secrets of his own that make him a little more normal, but way more kinker than the average guy.

But with only one night, I felt they weren’t going anywhere to fast. It is a novella after all so one night was all I expected. I hope we see more of them in the rest of the series, because the two characters really grew on me. Also, I am hoping the whole series isn’t a set of novella’s. I would really love to see some full length novels for this band.

There isn’t too much deep about this one. Each page brought you deeper and deeper into a flagrantly sexy tale to two lovers meeting in the unlikeness place. Filled with some inventive love scenes and adventurous band members. I look forward to the next book in this series.