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False Pretenses - Cara Bristol Domestic discipline…a hard topic for most to read…me included. Domestic discipline seems to be so one sided in gender power and that is where I have the problem, but in reality, what someone does in their own household that isn’t illegal or not safe, sane or consensual is their own business.

After reading the first book in the series, Unexpected Consequences, I figured I was done with this genre. But I really like Cara Bristol’s writing style so I went against my fighting ability and bought this book.

Emma Dupree is a journalist looking for her big break in journalism while working a boring dead end job. She has infiltrated the Rod and Cane Society as an unmarried woman looking for a domestic discipline relationship. Not that she is looking for a dating service. No she is really there for a story. She grows to know the people, but still plans on exposing the organization in a sensational story.

Then she meets Dan Tanner while she is trying to find her cat. Dan is instantly attracted to her and her tush. He thinks it is so spankable! They hit it off and start to date, but Dan is trying to figure out how to tell Emma he wants to spank her and is part of the Rod and Cane Society. When the conversation is broached, Emma is staunchly against it, thus ending things for Dan. When he takes her home from their date, her cat is once again missing because she left the door open. Dan suggests she needs a spanking to correct her loosing the cat and Emma accepts on the grounds (in her mind) that it is research for her story.

As the book continues, Emma enjoys the spankings but they are all for erotic enjoyment instead of actual discipline. Things come to a head when her story is published without her knowing it and it comes out both are part of the Rod and Cane society, even if hers is under covert conditions.

Through the majority of the book, Dan spanks Emma, but while they play at her having done wrong things, it is never really for discipline as much as it is for erotic enjoyment. That I can understand and even accept, but then why was Dan on the Rod and Cane Society Board if that is really all he wanted?

There are plenty of spanking scenes in this book and not all of them are erotic. The characters develop into deeper people through time and learn more about themselves as well as each other. Domestic discipline is not something I can get into, but this was a honest betrayal of how a couple grows into that life style.