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Heart of a Soldier - Tamara Hoffa Boroughs Publishing Group has started a new line of books called Lunchbox Romances. Each story is just long enough to be read during a lunch break. Tamara Hoffa approached me about reviewing this book and I have to say it packs quite a story in a very short span of time. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to tell you to buy this book, but as soon as I find out, I will update this review.

Charlotte Mackenzie, Charlie, lost her husband in a car accident and now fears losing her one and only child to the military. Evan, her son, has made the decision to join the Air Force and now it is time to talk to the recruiter. Charlie puts on her big girl panties and tries her best to support her son by meeting with the recruiter, Jameson Hunter. Instantly the two feel an attraction, but Charlie has a hard time dealing with the feelings as she has only ever been with her late husband. The two do the dating dance and learn a lot about each other, while also being thrown together by Charlie’s best friend.

This is a very short story, perfect for a lunch break! And it packs quite a story in a very short format. Charlie is the single mom who is doing her best to raise her son after losing her husband. Evan is only child, she is very protective of him. While she doesn’t think the Air Force is a great idea, she does her best to support her son. Jameson also explains things to her very clearly and doesn’t back down to even the bad parts of possibly losing her child. The story grows over time, but there are jumps in time to keep the story short. It is amazing how Tamara can pack so much story and not make me feel rushed reading it.

So if you are looking for a perfect lunchtime read, check out the Lunchbox Romances from Boroughs Publishing Group