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Run the Risk - Lori Foster I confess. I have never read a Lori Foster book until this one. Then I went on to get her Buckhorn series books. It wasn’t because I didn’t like Lori, I just hadn’t had a chance to read her books until I saw Run the Risk on Net Galley and decided it was time to remedy this problem.

Detective Logan Riske is trying catch the murderer in his friends unsolved murder case. The bad guy has eliminated all but one hole in his defense. Time is running out, so Logan goes undercover to find the only witness to the murder and possibly solving a case against a dirty criminal in his town. But the woman he is after pulls at his heart strings and he crosses the line into caring when he needs to keep his head in the game.

Pepper Yates is hiding. Everyone thinks her brother saw the murder, but in fact she is the only witness. Dressing shabbily, and keeping herself looking mousey as she takes care of the apartment building is the only thing keeping her out of everyone’s notice. When Logan starts hanging around, Pepper’s brother, Rowdy, gets suspicious since he watches her in protection.

When Rowdy breaks into Logan’s apartment, he is caught by Logan and Reese (Logan’s partner) and taken in for questioning since everyone thinks Rowdy witnessed the murder. At this point the story moves incredibly fast. Pepper transforms herself into a beautiful, sexy woman, but she feels betrayed by Logan. Rowdy and Pepper have a close relationship and have everything mapped out on escape routes. So when things get hot, they have tons of ways around things.

Through the entire book, you can’t figure out if Reese is a dirty cop or not. He is suspicious of everything, suddenly has a dog named Cash and a neighbor who is hiding something we never really learn about. Then their is their boss, who also seem to be dirty. It all comes to a head in the end and you find out a lot.

I enjoyed the story, but I wouldn’t say it rocked my world. I didn’t buy Logan falling for Pepper when she was plain Jane. He knew she was hiding things but it just never seemed like the right fit between them. I didn’t feel any chemistry and spent more time on liking Rowdy and Reese. Now I can’t wait to see if they get their own two stories as I think I might adore these two.

At good place to start of Lori Foster’s books. Hoping to read many more of them in the future!