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Charmed Spirits  - Carrie Ann Ryan Jordan Cross is returning to Holiday, Montana, a town she ran from and wasn't looking forward to going back too. Jordan is a witch, from a long line of witches, but she was bullied growing up and finally had enough. Her one regret was leaving Matthew Cooper and his family. They were the only ones who accepted her for herself and the hot young love she shared with Matt. Jordan's grandmother has passed on and now Jordan must return to fix up the house to sell, but also she is taking time to find herself.

Matt's heart was broken when Jordan left. She just left without a word and now he is cursed. While he thinks his love died, he still wants to be her friend. Soon he realizes that he doesn't want to let her go a second time, but the towns people aren't making it easy for Jordan to stay.

One thing I really liked about this book was how everyone in town accepted that there witches, magic and even ghosts. But it isn't really known or accepted outside of the town. Most people fear it and automatically treat Jordan bad. Specifically the mayor and his sister that they were God in this town and did everything to make Jordan's life a living Hell. Since Matt was in love with Jordan, he also caught some flack as he hides his own secret.

This is a new series that will feature all the Cooper men...there are five of them...five hot hunks...a dentist, policeman, and even a principal. It sounds like each guy will get a gal on a different holiday, hence Holiday, Montana. Jordan and Matt go Halloween, with Jordan going as a witch (of course) and Matt going as a monkey. The five brothers are extremely close and continue to have Sunday meals together. And that is part of my love of this book: Family. These five stick together and have a warm relationship with each other while also antagonizing each other every chance they can get.

Matt and Jordan start a second time with friendship, turns into dating and then into a love affair that will last. They take it slowly, but no less steamy when the two come together. The two were made for each other. While Jordan is a witch, we don't see a ton of magic. She's finding herself so also learning to control her magic after years of trying to run away from it. Jordan also makes a few friends that leave a lasting impressions and I see a future book on one of them coming...no police officer will be safe!

For a charming fun reading experience, check out Charmed Spirit by Carrie Ann Ryan!