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An Alpha's Path - Carrie Ann Ryan I was given the opportunity to read an ARC of Carrie Ann Ryan’s new book coming out called the Enforcer’s Redemption. When I started it I was totally confused so I had to back track and get the three books before it. An Alpha’s Path is the first book but also it is a novella of only about 60 pages.

Melanie is a grad student just getting her PhD, ready to take on the science world. What she needs is a night out letting go. Her friend sets her up on a blind date for a night of fun and sex. But Melanie is nervous and not the letting go type. She sucks it up and goes anyway, instantly attracted to her blind date.

Kade is the alpha heir in his pack of werewolf shifters. Slightly older, well over 100, than Melanie, he is looking for his mate. Already having a brush with a potential mate and luckily getting out of it, he allows his brother to set him up on a blind date for a night away from the pack. When he sees Melanie, he knows right away she is his mate. But how do you explain to a human you are over 100 years old, a werewolf shifter and he is her mate?

Shortly after their supper, they go back to a hotel room they have booked, yeah, they knew what was going to happen in advance. Kade makes love to Melanie in some wonderfully descriptive ways, but doesn’t tell her until the next morning that he is a werewolf. He doesn’t mark her, feeling she needs to have a choice and not have him thrust upon her for life. Melanie snaps and runs only to run into another werewolf that says she could also be his mate.

Overall, I got really irritated with the book. One, while they try to give Melanie time, they really don’t and lots of people are just angry at her for the position she puts Kade in. For the love of all that is good…she just finds out that there are werewolves that live a long time and if she takes either as a mate, she has to give up her life as she knows it because they live in a secret society. Anyone would need time to get this processed in their mind.

I found the book to be too short to explain a lot of things, the family while protective, just seemed wishy washy to me. The sex was incredibly hot with a scene you don’t see very often in romance books. Really I like Kade as an alpha male. I like Melanie and sticking to her guns. I just didn’t like the situation they were put in and all the external characters thrown in.

This wasn’t an advance release copy so I had a hard time with all the grammar and misspelling errors. Sometimes it forced me to re-read sentences to get the gist of the what was going on.

This looks to be a series that a lot of people love. Unfortunately the first book left me confused, unfulfilled and wanting to change up some of the characters. Hoping the next book clears things up.