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Her Devoted Vampire - Siobhan Muir I met Siobhan at Authors After Dark and you guys…this woman is the bomb. She is energetic, funny, sarcastic and sexy all wrapped up in one author. Right away I knew I had to read one of her books. So I went out and grabbed Her Devoted Vampire on a whim one day. Unfortunately, I was confused for most of the book.

Fredrick Macgregor is a vampire who also has visions. Lately he has had visions about one particular woman and now he feels she is in danger. He speeds out a long distance to be near her when she is attacked and then whisks her back to his home thinking he is protecting her, but he doesn’t know why.

Bridget Shanahan’s not exactly having the time of her life. Her love life is dismal, her job a joke. All she wants to do is read her trashy romance novel, drink coffee and be left alone. But when she sees Fredrick enter the coffee shop, she as well as others really notice him. In disgust she decides to leave only to be attacked and have Fredrick save her.

Dangerously wounded, Fredrick takes Bridget to his home where we meet a group of characters that include werewolves as security for Fredrick. When Bridget heals quickly and tries to escape, Fredrick brings her back knowing she is key to the mystery. But Bridget doesn’t take things sitting down. She doesn’t believe a word coming out of Fredrick’s mouth and at one point Fredrick actually hurts her, which irritates me.

They quickly find out the mystery, the bad guy and that they were made for each other by the Avatar of the Goddess. Unfortunately, I had more questions than answers as I felt it needed further story development. There is also some “dreams” Bridget has that I didn’t really understand. While the two do have sex, it isn’t graphic but also doesn’t shy away from using the naughty words we love. It just didn’t evoke that this was an once in a lifetime love.

So while I was looking forward to reading this book, it just didn’t hit home with me the way I was hoping. I hope to read Siobhan again in the future where I also hope to learn more about this world she has created.