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Three to Ride - Sophie Oak Rachel Smith is on the run from a stalker. After one date, Tom decides she is the one, but Rachel (her alias now) knows something is off about him and doesn’t go out for another date. When Tom burns down her house and sends her to the hospital, she knows she has to run. With the help of some doctors and nurses, she heads out with a few alias’s just trying to stay alive. Rolling into Bliss, Colorado on fumes, she take a job as a waitress, living out of her car. But this is just a temporary stop she knows because she has to stay on the run.

Horse trainer Max and Sheriff Rye are twin brothers in the quirky town of Bliss, Colorado. After years of sharing women and looking for the one to complete them, they decide it is time to date on their own since sharing isn’t working. But when Rachel shows up, Max calms his horrible temper and tries to make her fall for him as much as he has fallen for her. Rye also sees her, but won’t stand in the way of his brother finding true love.

While Rachel and Max fall into a loose relationship, I say loose for Rachel as she knows she is moving on, but Max knows this is the one, Rachel also feels attraction for Rye as he tries to avoid the lovers. But suspicious accidents start to happen that have Rachel looking to leave.

I love Bliss, Colorado and I am ready to move it! What a quirky town. There are artists, nudists, conspiracy theory nut and a town who knows everyone’s business. No one thinks its weird the brothers share everything, its just the way it is. The owner of the diner is snarky just the way I like her. The best friends are loyal and even have their own quirks that I can’t wait to read more about in their own stories.

I got the honor of hearing Sophie Oak read from a different book in this series. Hearing her read her own story with inflections and accents had me ready to go out and buy all of her books. It was just crazy how all of these people don’t fit in a square box. They color outside the lines and we love them for it!

Most of all, I loved this book for how much fun I had reading it. I didn’t want to put it down. It helped that the sexy love scenes left me panting and I felt the agony of Rye being left out. It evoked so many emotions that had me grabbing the tissues and my credit card to buy the next book. Come join me in a quirky, but lovable town of Bliss, Colorado. It will be a fun ride!