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Hold Me Down Hard - Cathryn Fox Eden Carver has a secret crush on her cop neighbor and best friend next door, Jay Bennett. The one time she revealed her secret desires for rougher sex that included spankings and bondage, the guy left calling her some not so nice things. She wants to get closer to Jay, but he keeps his work life to himself and only treats her like a little sister. Well, that time for that is about to end.

Jay Bennett lost his sister when they were teens and now spends his days a cop fighting the same crime that touched her. Eden is a breath of fresh air to his life that he doesn’t want to sully up with his dark desires to spank, tie up and make love roughly.

Deciding she has had enough, Eden, a budding actress in NY from Iowa, writes a script to practice lines with Jay. The lines lead them to bed, where both of them have secrets to reveal.

This isn’t a terribly long book and the premise was kind of cute, I just didn’t buy Eden so much. She was this young little thing from Iowa who likes rough sex? Well, that wasn’t so unbelievable I guess. I just didn’t like how the scenes played out. Then when the story was over, I wanted more. Usually that is a good sign, but in this case, I just thought it was too quick of a book and needed more closure, not that I wanted to continue reading more in another book.

This story is just a beginning of a friends to lovers relationship. While cute, it lacked something I can’t put my finger on totally. Maybe it was Eden seeming to be too young for Jay. I don’t mean in age, but maturity. Jay has some darker issues underneath that I think might bite them later down the road.

While BDSM is mentioned, you never really see any BDSM scenes, so I can’t say this is a BDSM book.
Overall, I enjoyed it, but wanted more depth to the characters.