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A Dom is Forever (Masters and Mercenaries) - Lexi Blake This series has been hard for me to like. Mostly because the heros do something really stupid and hurtful that I don’t think I could forgive them for. Seriously, they do some of the stupidest stuff and the women take them back without making them pay dearly for doing that crap to them. Well, this one was better than the rest of them so far.

Going into this I wasn’t sure if I would like Liam. Liam O’Donnell has some history you don’t find out until this book. A native to Ireland, we lowly over the course of the book learn why he is basically on the run and working for Ian Taggert. Five years on the run, he has perfected the midwest accent. Now he is back in London for a job, looking for the elusive Mr. Black from the first two books.

Avery Charles hasn’t had an easy life by any stretch, but when she is offered a job as an assistant to a philanthropist, she accepts. Now traveling the world, she is trying to see and do everything she can. Each day she walks the exhibits of the British Museum, taking in each little detail. Daily she sees a man who she is attracted to, but could never imagine he would want to know her.

When Liam gets Avery to go on a date, she thinks he just wants money for sex, little does she know he wants access to her boss. He proposes a D/s relationship with enough kink to drive Avery wild. Slowly, she opens her heart to him and his lifestyle, but all the while he is secretly getting closer to her for the case. Or is he getting the sub he wants along with the entrance to her bosses underworld?

The story was a little too transparent as I figured out most of the plot before halfway through. What I liked compared to the last two stories was that Liam didn’t go out of his way to hurt the woman he was falling in love with. Yes, he was lying about why he was there, but he genuinely cared for Avery and never once thought she was involved in the bad things going on.

Avery was self-deprecating. She didn’t grow up with a kind family. Marrying young, having a child young, only to have it all taken away along with many years of therapy to just walk again. She makes fun of her clumsiness as well as tries to hide her curves and scars. But Liam loves her for her and sees deeper than what appears on the surface. He too have a past that catches up with him. So together, I think they healed the holes left in their souls.

I recommend this to anyone who likes a lighter BDSM story where it isn’t all whips and chains. A man comfortable in his own skin to love a woman for who she is not how she looks. A strong woman who rises above what she has been dealt in life to try to find happiness. Throw in some sexy, hot love scenes and I was a goner. A great addition to the Masters and Mercenaries series.