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Beware of the Cowboy - Mari Freeman I grabbed this book from Mari Freeman wanting to try out one she had written. I love me some cowboy and this didn't disappoint.

Liza DeLane is an up and coming party planner with a waiting list that would make anyone jealous. When a major clients requests her services, how can she say no, but when she finds out it is to plan a dog wedding, she thinks it will ruin her career. Luckily her assistant puts a spin on it for charity and they are back in the game.

Blake Dean is the clients son, but also a cowboy raising colts on the ranch. Blake allows Liza to be mislead into thinking he is just a hired hand, loving the way she can tie a rope for a noose and keep him in line. He just knows she is the woman he will love for all time.

When Liza finds out Blake is the bosses son, she feels all her old insecurities rise up about her background of living in foster homes. She decides to have a fling with Blake and walk away when it is done. But Blake just won't let her go without showing her what they have and Liza won't let him think she is just after his money.

This is an extremely short story with a happy ending and lots of smut in between. What I loved what that Blake was just so sure she was the one for him for life. He could see she wanted him for him, not the money or prestige. It took Liza a little longer, but she does come around.

A fun short read I would recommend for an afternoon, snuggled with a blanket and hot chocolate!