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Heart of Atlantis - Alyssa Day It was a long wait for the last book in the Warriors of Posedion series. Alaric has been waiting in agony for his happily ever after and I have waited in pain to see him finally happy. Throw in the cliffhanger from the last book of what happens to Jack, and I was on pins and needles waiting for this book.

Alaric is the High Priest of Atlantis, with a lot of responsibility that comes with it. We learn that he was kind of forced into this position, which really honked me off. Due to another priest going kind of crazy when his wife dies, the elders have made sure all future priests are celibate. So over the course of the previous seven books we had watch Alaric love Quinn, but not be able to do anything about it except protect her.

Quinn is the sister of the Queen of Atlantis, Riley, from the first book. In the first book Alaric saves Quinn’s life and the two have been connected, but neither able to act upon their feelings. Quinn also was kidnapped in a previous book by vampires and tortured. Throw in the fact that in battle, her best friend and tiger shifter, Jack, is mortally wounded, Quinn just hasn’t had the greatest time.
I am kind of struggling with this review mostly because I felt the story was kind of slapped together. At about the halfway point I thought we were almost done with the book only to have one more crisis come on. It continued to be like this several times. It felt like the author was ready for the series to end but just didn’t know how to wrap it all up nice and neat.

Quinn and Jack have to fight another dimensional being who claims to be an Atlantean prince. Then there is still the queen vampire from beyond even Hell that just won’t die. Throw in a ragtag group of orphans and Atlantis rising. It just felt disjointed from page one.

So while I wanted to say I enjoyed the ending to a series I adored, I just can’t. It left me feeling like I could have just missed this book and been happy. I wanted so much more for Alaric that what was dealt him. And Quinn just led a plainly horrible life that any woman would need therapy after. While this should have made a kick-ass female, it didn’t elevate that high for me.

You do have to have read the series to understand some of the other characters, but at times you didn’t have to have read anything as new evil was added to the evil already in play. I wish I could recommend this, but unless you are invested in the series, I say move on and read the first books which have such promise.