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Rev It Up - Julie Ann Walker Jake “the Snake” Sommers is back in town and ready to move on with his life and getting back the one woman he loves, Michelle Carter. Known for his stealthy attack, Snake had to run from Michelle to protect her from himself. Now years later, he believes he has overcome his problems and he plans to fight for Michelle’s love for as long as it takes.

Michelle Carter has always been aware of what her brother (The Boss, Frank Knight) has been involved with. Now they have made the wrong mobster angry and he is gunning to hurt The Boss back. Michelle and her son are now a target, but she isn’t going to give Jake her heart like she did years ago. He is going to have to prove he is here to stay and love her the way she deserves.

Secrets they both are keeping could bring them closer but also drive a wedge between the two that they might never overcome.

This is probably my favorite story in the series so far. Jake and Michelle love each other so much, but Jake has demons that he can’t seem to overcome. When Michelle marries Jake’s best friend, Jake tries hard to hide all that he feels, especially when his friend dies in Jake’s arms. The two have huge problems of loving so deeply and passionately, but not communicating what really needs to be said. Throw in several years of Jake running from Michelle and you have the giant wall that neither will be scaling anytime soon.

Jake is such a deep character. He is troubled by PTSD over what he saw and did while being a SEAL. Fighting daily, he knows the demon inside of him will raise it head given just a little encouragement and leave such destruction. He is quite the alpha man, so to deal with it he throws himself away from people who care for him and goes back into action on the riskiest of missions. At some point he decides he has to deal with the demon, knowing it will never totally go away. I loved how the author didn’t gloss over what Jake felt. Men and women go through this every day and it doesn’t just go away overnight. To protect Michelle, he had to push her away even though he know he was in love with her.

Michelle is a totally strong and awesome woman. Her husband is killed in action while she is pregnant. She picks herself up and still offers love support to all the men on that same mission, even Jake, who refuses it. Now she lives close to her brother, but just recently was allowed into the close nit group. Knowing Frank and Michelle’s past helps you understand the strength in her character to provide a good home for her son. She is no push over with the Knights. Giving as good as she gets to all of them, she puts Jake in his place as just their protector. She makes him work hard to earn her love once again.

There is an awesome twist to the story that has both of them re-evaluating how they viewed each other. I didn’t see it coming until I was blindsided by it.

Overall, I adored this story of two people that have hurt each other, past mistakes that are hard to forgive and a love that won’t be denied its perfect match. The two are such passionate characters that they light the pages on fire when they are together.

We do get to see a lot of the Knights in the story, with hints of who the next book will be about. I like that we don’t just see the hero and heroine’s side, but also the bad guy(s) and other Knights. It is a well rounded story of love, sex, action and friendship. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a awesomely fun ride with the Knights!