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Revving Her Up - Joy Daniels Sarah Katz is in a little bit of a slump. Not in her career as a high powered attorney, but in the bedroom. Orgasms seem to be hard for her to achieve, so a doctor recommends a little RNR. Heading out in her Porsche for a spa in Virginia, she is derailed when her car hits a pothole from Hell. Stuck in a small town called Rapture, where Porsche parts aren’t easy to obtain.

Cole Cassidy has done the high city living and nothing compares to Rapture. After a bad relationship goes bad with a woman more after his money than him, he approaches Sarah with caution. But Cole is a race car mechanic and engineer…and the closest Sarah can find to anyone who will know how to fix her car.

The sparks fly between these two right off, but both have issues in their head they have to deal with first. But when they take a drive to a race track, the adrenaline starts to flow until they are on the hood of the car going at it.

Sarah was hard to like at first. She was so wound up and I felt she looked down on the small town. As the story progressed you find she works hard, loves life in the big city, but hasn’t been able to have an orgasm in a long time. She doubts herself a lot even when she gets aroused, which causes the arousal to die quickly.

Cole has let his ex only loving his money get in the way with finding someone who might like him for himself. He labels Sarah right away, and really he isn’t wrong in my opinion. As the story goes, he realizes what Sarah’s issues are and he works magic to try to show her she is a responsive woman. While at the same time he has to adjust his views on women in general.

What I absolutely loved about the story was the author didn’t rush the characters into love or marriage. They learned about each other and the story ends with hope for the future, but doesn’t go as far as to say they make it. There are a lot of issues for both to still deal with that the short amount of time the book had wasn’t going to get them resolved. I loved that fact that it was forced to a HEA.

But on the flip side I didn’t like the abrupt ending I felt it had. You are left hanging on if they even have a relationship after a couple of days. They agree to be together for her vacation, but you don’t see anything into the future. I wanted more!!! Good thing this is a series…and hopefully we will see these two again.

I was drawn in by the thrill of speed and the naughtiness of making love on the hood of a race car. Pleasantly drawn into two people both hurting, learning that they can overcome their issue to find a happiness in the moment. I would recommend this one to anyone who wants the thrill of speed with a happy for now ending.