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Two to Love - Sophie Oak I fell in love with Bliss, Colorado while listening to a reading from this book at AAD in New Orleans. The quacky characters in this small town grabbed my heart and I couldn’t wait to get back to start reading more about them. This is the second book in the series, based on Callie Shepard.

Callie Shepard is a twenty-five year old virgin. She doesn’t see that changing anytime soon as there are a shortage of available men in Bliss as well as her mother has grown sick with cancer and needs Callie’s help. Callie turns to her best friend for help in finding two men to help her fulfill a fantasy of menage. Throw in that Callie grew up in a nudist household and you have a sultry, sexy woman. Nathan and Zane are the guys who spend a weekend with her fulfilling her desires. But both men fall for Callie right before they are to leave on an undercover mission for the DEA. They can’t afford to fall in love, so they leave Callie with a cryptic note and leave.

Now six years later, Nathan and Zane are in Bliss. Nathan’s family has lost all their money (he was pretty rich) and Zane is emotionally and physically recovering from a mission gone bad. Nate brings Zane to Bliss to heal while Nate takes on becoming the town’s sheriff. Little did he know Callie is the sheriff’s secretary. Nor did he know just how quirky this town is. UFO sightings, nudists, lesbians who have a son who is the deputy and women who are willing to shot a mans balls off if they are crossed.

Nate and Callie fight…a lot, but both are drawn to each other as well, with Nate keeping Callie’s location secret. Mostly he is keeping her location secret from Zane to try to get a reaction out of him. But Callie has enough and goes out one night with her friend to a biker bar where Zane just happens to be. Not the best place to strike up a rekindling of a romance, especially when they find out the biker in prison they went undercover for has put a hit on Zane. Not to kill him, that is just a plus, but to bring him his tattoo across his chest.

So now the bad guys know where Zane is and that he might have affections for Callie. The three have to come to terms that their lives are in danger, but so are their hearts.

This is just a wonderful look at a town where pretty much everyone is accepted, no matter what they kink, lifestyle or anything is. There is a foray into the nudist “fort” where we see people just accept people for who they are. There is also the crazy guy who thinks aliens are coming, but really he is one of the more lovable characters. Add on the former sheriff, his brother and their wife and you have a story that just kept me smiling as well as pulling for everyone to fall in love.

I recommend this to anyone not looking for a terribly serious story. It at times pokes fun at itself, but in a lovable way. No one is perfect here and that is just perfect. Their hearts are big and forgiving. Check out the series, you just might want a little Bliss yourself.