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Her Lucky Love - Carrie Ann Ryan Brayden Cooper is a very lucky guy, but the one thing he wants most is love and family with Allison Malone. Everyone knows he loves her, but they all think he doesn’t know himself. They would be surprised by what he knows. As a young child he followed the rainbow to the end and now is lucky at everything, but winning Alison’s love.

Allison Malone is just surviving on a minimum wage job at the diner and the love of her children. Having escaped an abusive marriage, Allison is not ready to love again or put her children in the position they were when her husband was alive. But her late husband’s family wants her children and she learns her husband was a magical creature himself. Now she wants nothing to do with magic, but must rely on the Cooper’s to help keep her and her children safe.

I love the premise of the series with each of the Cooper men having some holiday touch their lives. St. Patrick’s is a holiday I kind of adore because my husband’s birthday is also on that date along with his sister’s birthday. Lucky day for one mother to have two kids on? I guess. So when I heard Brayden was getting luck as his gift, I was excited.

We need more Brayden’s in the world. Men who really do care deep down and accept a woman and her children as his. He wants a home, family and love. But he stays away not wanting to hurt Allison. When problems come to the family, he doesn’t shy away from them, but stands up and protects what is his.

While I commend Allison for raising three kids on her own, her going on and on about not trusting magic got a little old. The word magic was slightly over used in this book. I really wanted to pull out a thesaurus at one point to come up with a different way to explain it. But besides that, she just was to adamant on not loving Brayden because he is lucky and has magic. After years in the town where Brayden showed her nothing but support and love, I just wanted to bop her on the back of the head and say look at what you have.

While I love this series, I have to say this wasn’t my favorite. I wanted so much more from these characters and for the kids to really know they had a family now. It just seemed to come together in the end and I was left with a slightly happy but blah feeling over it all.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves the Holiday, Montana series and really wants Brayden to get his happily ever after with Allison. In the end, love wins over everything.