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Wolf Nip - Vivian Arend The Granite Lake Wolves Series has been a guilty pleasure at how just much fun I have reading this series. The packs are territorial, but they have cruise ships so the shifters can just shift and enjoy their vacations. It’s kind of funny and quirky all at once.

Tessa Williams family owns a cruise business. Unfortunately, Tessa suffers from bad seasickness and has given up on running any more of the family businesses. But a stationary paddle boat has grabbed her sight and now she thinks it would make a great bed and breakfast. She just needs to convince the owner to sell it to her.

The owner of the paddle boat is wolf shifter, Mark Weaver. Holding out on selling the paddleboat, Mark decides the idea has merit, but he wants a partner, now buyer for the boat. Scheduling a face to face meeting with Tessa just about knocks him flat when he scents she is his mate. But she is a cat and cats don’t sense mates in that way.

Tessa gives Mark a challenge to make her fall in love with him while driving him and his wolf nuts. Hence the title Wolf Nip. She leads him on a merry chase, but in reality because she is a cat, she has no concept of what she is doing to him or putting him through.

The two come to terms with Mark providing the labor to the endeavor of a bed and breakfast while Tessa runs the day to day operation…save one…cooking. She absolutely cannot cook! Very little drama happens in the story. There is a marking of territory when the wolf pack gets together, but Tessa does a great job wading through the politics of a pack.

This is a short but throughly entertaining look at paranormal shape shifters, where the worlds isn’t coming apart at the seams.