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All He Ever Needed - Shannon Stacey Continuing the Kowalski family series, we get to see Mitch again. Mitch made an appearance in Sean’s story, Yours to Keep, where we learn he doesn’t make promises to women.

Mitch Kowalski is coming home, but not to stay. His younger brother, Josh, has fallen and broken his leg. Mitch is just coming home for six weeks to help Josh around the family resort, but when he gets there, the resort is run down with no guests. But throw in a small town and a new owner of the diner and this will be six weeks he will never forget. Living out of a suitcase and running his own demolition company will be a piece of cake compared to coming home.

Paige Sullivan has led a nomadic life with a mother who keeps following men she thinks are a soul mate. When her car breaks down, she decides to stay. Buying the diner and swearing off men is her motto. Or should I say men are a luxury not a necessity. When Mitch walks through the doors of her diner, she tries hard to resist his blue eyes and charming smile knowing he won’t stay in town.
Mitch has a reputation that is part bad and part ladies man in the small town. The women reminisce fondly about sexual adventures, some true and some not. While the men remember all the trouble he caused. Mitch is honest and upfront with what he lets women expect from him. He won’t call, text or contact them in any way after they leave.

Paige is more protective. She found herself following in her mom’s footsteps needing a man to complete her life. When she settled down, she also gave up men. But when she starts to fold to Mitch’s appeal, she also tells him she won’t morn his leaving, nor will she text or call him either.

The two fall into a cute relationship that they don’t call a relationship. The talk, go out to eat, ride on his motorcycle and make love on a twin bed in a tiny trailer behind the diner. They grow into a comfortable dating pattern that neither seem to realize until their time is limited. When both start to question the future, the both start to clam up and increase the distance in emotions between each other if not mileage.

Unfortunately we don’t get to see any of the original Kowalski’s from the first three novels in this series. All family, this was just centered in a different town. But we don’t lack in other Kowalski’s to fit in. Josh is the younger brother who kind of got left running the resort and never had the option of leaving. You get to see his bitterness over not having choices as well as the frustration of dealing with a broken leg. Ryan Kowalski makes an appearance with Mitch realizes the resort has gone downhill. Ryan is a multi-million dollar contractor who left town over a woman named Lauren. We don’t get much of their story, but I know his is coming in one of the next books.

We meet Rosie, the adopted mom of the Kowalski clan, who at times delighted me and at time made me mad. Andy was her deceased husband’s best friend and something happens to cause them to part ways along with Rosie having an intense hatred for Andy. I was hoping Andy and Rosie might get together, but that may not happen with the secret revealed. Rosie also has a daughter, Katie, who I think is in love with Josh and Josh doesn’t know he is in love with Katie…they get their own book too.

The one complaint I have about this book is how fast they fall in love. Six weeks is all they have and wedding bells seem to be ringing in everyones mind around town. Everyone has a opinion on everything and it can get funny as well as tiresome at times.

What I truly love about this series is how the men are really just melted chocolate on the inside. They love deeply and hard. They treat their women with respect but also get dirty in the bedroom. But most of all, when the chips are down, they don’t expect the women to just give up their lives to follow them.

This ha become one of my all time favorites series! I can’t wait to pick up the next book!