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One Night with a Cowboy - Cat Johnson Yeeehawwww! Yes this was a great cowboy story with some military action thrown in on the side. Welcome to Oklahoma!

Becca Hart has had a bad day. Losing her job is bad enough, but when she heads home to hopefully be consoled by her boyfriend, she finds him sneaking his stuff out. Not only is he breaking up with her, he is the kind of scum that tries to get away without having to deal with telling her about it. Faced with a dwindling bank account and very few job prospects, Becca’s sister applies for a job under Becca’s name and surprise! She gets a job interview and the girls head west to catch a rodeo and job interview before heading back to New York.

Tucker Jenkins gets the leggy blonde in his sights and now he is ready for a different type of rodeo with her. He invites her down to a better view of the rodeo as well as time to get to know each other some before he rides. A few beers in Becca has loosened up, but isn’t drunk and the sexy attraction between the two builds until it combusts in one night of some no holds barred sex. The two part ways the next day, none the wiser that they may not just have had a one night stand.

Well, Becca gets the job and packs up her life to move to Oklahoma to be an associate professor at OSU. Her sister pushes her to call Tuck, but Becca doesn’t want to be the clingy type. When the two meet at a mixer where they are welcoming her to the faculty, sparks of anger fly between the two. Both feel betrayed the other didn’t tell each other more about themselves. Oh, and Tucker is a instructor in the ROTC program at OSU.

The two can’t keep their hands off each other, stressing that this is just a fling with no emotions attached. Slowly over the time it does grow even though neither will acknowledge it. Tucker is dealing with a divorce still fresh in his mind. Tie that in with is commanding officer telling him there is a no fraternization rule. Unfortunately, Becca doesn’t know this and is puzzled with Tucker ups and gets sent of to Afghanistan.

The story moved along a decent pace up till Tucker leaves. He is upset with Becca for not telling him her plans to interview and then not calling when she moved there. After he gets past that he starts to spend more time with her knowing it is against the rules.

The story takes us through a little of rodeo life and that is very brief, but also weaves in the life of family and friends left behind when someone goes off to war. You take a woman who has not been exposed to the military and you get a gut wrenching tale of a life that some women lead that has got to be hard. Becca learns what war really is all about and the why of his deployment. Through this period of time, there are great jumps in the calendar. The abruptness of this time period makes the book jerkier to read. Not everything is roses in this story and both the hero and heroine need to learn what their true emotions are outside of having great sex.

Except for the jerkiness and abruptness towards the end, the story grabbed me from the first page and shook me all around. The bedrooms are steamy and kept me begging for more from these two. The suspense of military life left me breathless and hugging my family. I recommend this story to everyone. It is basically a romance between real people dealing with life that isn’t all chocolate and roses. Highly recommended. Thank you to NetGalley for approving me to read this book!