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Desire by Design - Paula Altenburg Desire by Design was a cute romance that felt rushed, but kept me laughing. I liked Paula's writing style and plan to look into her Demon Outlaws series soon!

Eve Doucette is finally putting her divorce firmly in the past and finding her dream job as a project manager and drafter for the new City Hall. Everything is going great until a hunky artichect shows up demanding the blue prints. Now Eve isn't happy, nor will she let him take over.

Famous artictect Matt Brison is looking for something to fulfill him. He's dissatisfied with how things are going, so when the mayer of Halifax asks him to help out, he can't turn it down. It also helps he is the nephew of the Mayor. Now he is dealing with a feisty, hot tempered Eve, who won't let him just take over.

The two get off on the wrong foot and they can't imagine getting into a relationship. Eve works hard and doesn't want to be sidetracked by a man. Once was a enough and she won't risk her heart again. The pull of attraction won't let her go though.

This was more of a cute romance story than a steamy one. It made me giggle and pull for these two. For a fun, sweet romance, this hits the mark!