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No Holds Barred - Callie Croix While having a discussion after dinner, Cait’s fiancé brings up the subject of a threesome. Nathan offers to give her one with no jealousy as long as he is involved and knows about it. This shocks and amazes Cait, but leaves her questioning his purpose. Struggling to understand why he would offer the threesome, she starts to question herself and the trust between them. But the thought is firmly lodged into her mind and she can’t help but fantasize about Liam, Nate’s best friend, being involved.

Nate watches Cait struggle with these thoughts and just wants to show her he trusts her and give her unbelievable pleasure. When Liam comes to visit, Nate doesn’t pressure, but he knows Cait is struggling from attraction she didn’t know was there. Between Liam and Nate, they show her there is nothing wrong with these feelings. In the end, Nate is just hoping this will strengthen their trust and form a stronger bond between them.

I really loved how Nathan talks to Cait. He shows her what he is thinking, but she reads more into it than Nate is thinking. He doesn’t force her into anything, but he does push her to face her feelings for them. Often he says he isn’t jealous nor does he trust her any less for wanting a threesome.

I totally related with Cait. If this were something said to me, I too would be wondering what I had done wrong or why I was being given this “opportunity.” She trusts Nathan completely and cares deeply for Liam as a friend. The subject is brought up she can’t get it out of her mind, causing her to avoid Liam even though he doesn’t know what has been discussed.

Seriously, I loved that they were both alpha, dominant men! I don’t say this as if they were brutal or forced her to anything. They let her control it, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t push her to be truthful to herself. The book was steamy on many levels and very thoughtful on others. I plan on reading more books by Callie Croix if all of her books are written as well as this one. It deals with taboo subjects, but isn’t thoughtless or careless with the characters. They are deep and thoughtful. Making final choices that impact multiple lives. I totally recommend this book.