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All She Wants For Christmas (Kent Brothers, #1) - Jaci Burton Coming home sometimes isn’t easy, but when country singer Riley Jensen comes home, it throws up a lot of old emotions that have been buried for 10 years. Filming a documentary of Riley’s young life, Riley and her crew head back to her small Missouri hometown. Riley hasn’t returned in 10 years. Ten years ago she left suddenly when she found her best friend in bed with her boyfriend. Now those hurtful feelings are bubbling back up inside of her.

Ethan Kent made a mistake 10 years ago, but out of that mistake Riley went on to pursue a successful career and he has a 7 year old that is the center of his world. Circumstances throw them together, where passion flames, but also truth is revealed and hearts are healed.

This is a cute, light, fun story on Christmas forgiveness. There is passion, love, music and a wonderful little 7 year old who doesn’t have a shy bone in her body. Normally, Jaci Burton gives you a hot and heavy book…which I adore, but this story is about the softer side of love and forgiveness.