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A Rare Gift (Kent Brothers, #2) - Jaci Burton Wyatt Kent has been hurt after the end of a disastrous marriage. The last thing he wants is to be involved again, but when he is requested to give a bid on adding a room to the local daycare, his interest is peaked by the owner. The owner unfortunately just happens to be his ex-wife’s sister, Calliope. Not ready to give up his anger and hurt over his marriage, he tries to avoid and run off Calliope without much success.

Calliope Andrews has loved Wyatt Kent since she was a teenager even though he was her sister’s boyfriend and then husband. She respected that and went on with her life. But now she is running the local daycare and it needs to be expanded and the only man she wants working on it is Wyatt. Constantly bombarding him with her presences, she smiles and takes most things in stride.

When a snow storm buries them in at her house, the sparks fly and love starts to blossom, but there still is the problem of his ex and her family to deal with. Long term he can’t avoid it but he plans to give it a try.

This was a fun short story! Calliope is so sweet but also a hellion if pushed. She says what she wants, smiles a lot and loves Wyatt to death. But Wyatt keeps getting hung up on her family so she takes the bull by the horns and does something about it. It was fun to watch how she dealt with the grump of the town and brought him out of his shell…well not totally but more than what anyone else had.

Wyatt’s character is just to damn grumpy. He is more of a hermit, just wanting to live his life in peace, but Calliope just won’t let him rest. He finally realizes the joy she brings him, but stands hard on not wanting to be involved with her family.

How does Jaci Burton pack so much story in so little of a book? It is incredible! The only problem I had was wanting more story…and a little more of Brody’s story. For a fun Christmas books, check it out, but sure to note, while there is some Christmas in it, it isn’t a huge part of the book.