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No Dress Required (Love Required, #1)

No Dress Required - Cari Quinn This was a very short story I picked up on Amazon one day for $.99. Needing a break from all the long stories I have been taking part of this hit the spot! You can read it all in one setting and want more!

Noelle Gregory is tired of waiting for Jake Conroy to notice her. Being her best friends older brother, she seems to be off limits. But tonight she has a dress to knock him out and a purse full of condoms hoping to get used. But when she is carjacked all her plans get thrown out the “car window.”

But Jake sees her on the side of the road and comes to save the day, or so he thinks. A snow storm cancels his sister’s party and leaves him alone with the sexy Noelle. Can he have a night alone and still walk away from the woman he has feelings for?

Incredibly short and incredibly hot. The two learn they both have passion and some attraction to each other and learn things both never knew about each other. It is hot, hot, hot! There was no huge emotional baggage to overcome, just friends turned lovers in a short, passionate read.