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Still Into You (Loving on the Edge, #1.5) - Roni Loren I love a good story about couples who are already established but are having some problems. Roni Loren brings out the big guns in this book that left me dripping in passion and pulling for them to make it.

The book opens with Seth and Leila having been married for eight years. They were truly in love when they met in college, but she got pregnant after they used an expired condom. Leila was a virgin at the time and never really go to sow her wild oats. Now eight years later, she is still very much in love with her husband, but life has gotten boring and she never sees her husband.

Seth never regretted marrying Leila. He put his artistic dreams to bed and became a manager. When her rich parents accuse him of getting her pregnant for their money, he thumbs his nose at them and works hard to support his family. He wants to be the man who deserves Leila, working crazy hours in the hopes of making a down payment on their dream home.

When Seth hears his wife admit on a radio show that she almost cheated, he realizes their marriage is in deep trouble. So he orders his wife to give him three days to save it. Those three days, their wedding vows are on hold, so she may explore and find everything she desires. And he hopes letting her go free she will choose to come back to him.

Wow! There is a lot going on in this book that hits home with married couples where the spark has dimmed but the love is still there. Two people in a rut not really talking to each other and growing apart on what they want and need in their relationship. While I would have never taken my spouse to a sex resort and put away my vows to just learn if I will come back to where it began. There is a ménage scene that was so hot, but right afterwards the ramifications came flying from both parties. She wanting to explore more with him trying to figure out how he could have been so turned on watching her with another man.

One point I loved that I loved also in another book, was how the hero goes through the heroines books to find out what she truly desires and then goes about trying to make some of their fantasies come true. But both of the characters have to deal with what happens when fantasies become realities.

When something comes up on the weekend, both Seth and Leila must decide if staying married is what need to happen. Will their love conquer all or will this end their marriage forever?

It's a hard look into how relationships grow apart when you least expect it and how one couple deals with getting it back to what they want and need. I loved this book from beginning to end. I only wished it was a full length novel. I would have loved to delve deeper into their marriage after their realizations came to light and where it truly went after the book was done.

All I can say is I was blown away. A very true look into marriage, how it develops, fantasies being met and the depth each is willing to go to only to save their love and marriage. A must read!