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Breathless Surrender - Tory Richards This is an extremely quick story! Basically, Alexis has been attracted to her neighbor for months. When she is kidnapped and hung up blindfolded, she is shocked and terrified. But she is being used as an initiation for Reid, who is undercover. His initiation: to rape and murder Alexis.

But Reid has other plans. He won’t kill someone just because he is undercover and definitely can’t rape Alexis. Through some soft whispers he conveys what he needs her to do without giving anything away and makes love roughly to Alexis and then injects her to knock her out.

That’s where I will leave you even thought there is more, but you need to find out the rest on your own. The story is really a quickie with some steamy love scenes burning up the pages. The descriptions on vivid and you feel the anticipation of what will happen if he doesn’t go through with the initiation.

But way to fast everything is resolved and done. That’s my only complaint. It’s just too short. Otherwise if is a wonderful afternoon read with some hot lovin’ to get you going.