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Crimson Lust - Rebecca Royce Crimson Lust is a very short story that I finished in under an hour. So the plot is not very deep and you get a HEA ending. We meet Cian when he has stolen a necklace in 1615 and a vampire turns him. Now in present time, Cian is fighting the demon inside of him, keeping his meals away from his less than happy love life. When he comes home to find the necklace stolen, he has vague memories of her hand and the scent to track her by. This is the first excitement he has had in a very long time.

Felicity comes by a rare necklace by chance when she just randomly picks a house to search. Her life hasn't been great and she lives day by day with what she can steal. She's on the run and never makes friends, but when Cian arrives, she is drawn to him in ways she can't explain. The two consumate their relationship and then all Hell breaks loose.

This book is filled with steamy romance, a HEA with a twist of an ending. For an interesting afternoon read, this one fits the bill.