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Three to Play - Kris Cook I met Kris Cook first on Twitter and then at Authors After Dark. What a wonderfully nice gentleman. I had him sign some books for me but I didn’t want to crack the spines. So I decided it was time to pick up one of his books electronically and give it a try. Three to Play started off wonderfully strong, but towards the end I started feeling it was forced.

Three to Play starts with Beth Taylor being forced to take on partners in her morning radio show. She’s still top in the market but the station has new owners who want even bigger ratings. Duo Clint Moore and Dustin Lake go from station to station bringing up ratings and then moving on with a goal of making it big in New York. But when the three get on the air, the chemistry flows. Dustin instantly knows he wants Beth and even to add her to their duo making it a trio, but Clint had goals and he isn’t going to let Beth get in their way of making it big.

On Beth’s 40th birthday, a birthday she shares with Dustin, the three get together for dinner and a movie. Things get a little hot with both men loving Beth. But Clint is pretty much an ass. He comes back after they have left to bind Beth up to get her to confess what her ulterior motive is, but he doesn’t get what he wants, he gets what he needs. But there are wheels in motion that will tumble them all in the end.

A relatively short book, it starts off strong. The tension between the three is twistingly hot to watch. But after the evening of passion, something happens to Beth that I felt I wanted to strangle a few people over. Beth is hurt by it, but in the end she goes after something she saw in Clint that she felt needed to be aired to Dustin.

There is a lot of tension, sex and betrayal to go around. While I liked the beginning, in the end, I felt disappointment.